Design intern

Join the Sesame Online Design Squad! 🎨✨

We’re Sesame Online, an online casino and sports betting hub. Yes, yes, we`re a gambling website. And with that acknowledgement comes the weight of responsibility. Amidst the multitude of platforms, we strive to be a bit different — not just of entertainment, but of transparency and integrity. Staying true to every regulation isn’t just a legal mandate for us; it’s a moral commitment.

After that`s out of the way, let`s talk shop: Photoshop.

The position is described in the bullets below, but before the details, we want you to know that here at Sesame Online, the Creative and Design department acts as an independent in-house ad agency. This means that we do our own research, write our creative briefs, and do our work with the creative freedom and fearsomeness (it`s a real word) of a young agency.

Bullets time!

Your Job:

  • Design banners (a lot of banners) for various mediums;
  • Think of and create engaging social media posts, emphasis on “engaging“;
  • A lot of sitting around and shooting ideas for upcoming campaigns (Christmas is just around the corner);
  • Prepress (if you haven’t done this, don’t fret – our „ancient“ seniors, who are all of 27, will guide you);
  • Suggest new mediums, fresh takes and original ways to communicate established promotions;
  • There is more, but it`ll come up as we start working.

You Need:

  • A true love for design and a thirst for learning (thirst for beer is a plus);
  • Skills with Adobe Creative Cloud – mainly Photoshop and Illustrator, but familiarity with other tools is a bonus (no casino pun intended);
  • A basic idea of online marketing (but really, who doesn’t have that?);
  • Devilish attention to details;
  • The ability to problem-solve, whether flying solo or collaborating in a team.

We Offer:

  • A paid internship, because your talent deserves it;
  • Flexible hours for a balanced life;
  • A big office space with a foosball table, PlayStation 5, some books, a bit of liquor and one very special ficus;
  • We hold poker, darts, foosball, PS 5 and other tournaments (honestly sometimes no work gets done);
  • Great coffee and free breakfast (hope you like banitsa)


Loved what you read? Curious for more? Or just ready to jump in? Shoot us your CV and flex that portfolio (or we’ll help you build one). Apply now! 🚀📄😄

That’s that. See you soon!